Mak Wah Hoi

Mak WH


Mak sought out Master John Ding at South Woodford Centre after reading the first issue of Tai Chi and Alternative Health magazine.
His initial intention was to use the Tai Chi Chuan form as a regime for health and fitness.
Early on he experienced in person the unfathomed power of legendary internal energy and the mastery of the true art of Tai Chi Chuan by Master John Ding. This inspire him to study the essentials of real Tai Chi Chuan.
Mak feels honoured to be a student of Master John Ding, who is a true Master of Tai Chi Chuan, open and generous in his teaching of the art. The same virtues have been inherited by his son Master Alan Ding. Mak continues his study under two generations of Master Ding, father John Ding and son Alan Ding. He follows their guidance to further understand the finer mystery within the art of Tai Chi Chuan.